Rebooting the System.


Its been two months at AAVISHKAAR and I can definitely say that time travels at the speed of light. I was not even able to realize that its two months of the roller coaster ride which runs on a new track every day with an utmost speed it can.

Last 6 years of my life have been in a concrete jungle.. oops i mean in a city and then this sudden change of climate, atmosphere and no robot culture where life is not all about work rather it is lived and enjoyed with so many energetic people around.

But those all jammed parts of life needed a lubrication, needs to be refurbished and then restarted, and I found a lot of difficulty to make it work which initially was helped by the natural substance of this place and then I started working on my schedule which used to be sleep late at night and get up mostly in the afternoon, but here at AAVISHKAAR my day starts at 6 am and ends at 5:30 pm.

Sharp shifting to this change was very sudden for me but this shift in the schedule helped me a lot to be more productive when I started beginning my day a little early say 6 am, the beautiful sunrise here fills me with a very high amount of energy and which directly helped me to be productive throughout the day. Although I was not efficient enough in the work which was handed over to me but the work culture here and all the mates kept helping me in completing my work. I belong to that society of the world where we work as a robots, I mean ‘Engineers’ 🙂 where we just see that there is a problem and we need to fix it and I was brought up with the same mindset of given a target and hit the same.

Here at AAVISHKAAR we have to mostly explore and learn with a lot of diversity in people. I work with people with Maths, Botany, Education and Economics background and all those taught me that life is not all about revolving around targets, it is much more than that.

Sometimes, we can learn a lot from other ways also and the best learning always happen when we do Self-learning and Self-exploration which helps us to get a lot more broader perspective and to think and work in many different ways and this was also taught to me by the Ganit charcha’s that I attended that its ok and perfect to have different views and solution. Initially, when I started teaching in classes I did not believe in the detailed planning of the class, i just had a overall rough plan with a few lines written in my lesson plan and used to go to the classes directly and take the classes which resulted in a not so good and exciting class neither for the kids nor me, I used to think that I have solved so many engineering problems and it will be very easy to teach kids but that misconception of mine was broken on the second class itself which I took, I got blanked what to teach next, I had enough time left with me in that class and then Babli (my co- fellow) took charge and helped to take the class forward, that was the day that I realized that teaching cannot be taken as trivial. It need rigorous planning and visualizing stuffs, this was the first time I came out of my mind set and started thinking about other things which I need to change in me and within past few days our program manager conducted a Fellow meet in which her agenda was to discuss on the Stereotype mind set we have and in day to day life we are so stereotype even in decision making, that also made me realized that how I unconsciously made decisions by being so stereotype and I analysed myself and the people at AAVISHKAAR helped me a lot in some way or the other.

Either by direct means like saying me directly that you should reflect on your classes else by letting me do my stuff and learn from the experience. These are the changes which I am learning in this Aavishkaar fellowship journey and I’m really very lucky that at a very early stage in my life I am able to experience so much of learning in a space of a vast cultural diversity also from the various life taught lessons and a lot of things which we ignore unconsciously in our lives which play a vital role in our life when we deal with people across the globe. I hope that this roller coaster ride has some new and exciting twist and turns ahead in my fellowship journey, I hope that I’ll take a lot from AAVISHKAAR in the forth coming days…..

Sanjay (Aavishkaar Fellow).

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