My first month of Aavishkaar Fellowship!

I come from very small town from Madhya Pradesh and I am very ambitious, I want to achieve everything that is for my betterment, I think sky is limit for my dreams and I want to make a difference in people’s life. So my determination to never stop, not to settle for less and experience things brought me on a beautiful journey to discover life.

A place where you think, create and love the work you do, not an organization but a world full of Innovation. Here one can feel peace and love in the air. A place in a small village near Palampur where every thing has a story to tell and calmness in every corner and a small family of Aavishkaar who are kind and loving. A place in the lap of Dhauladhar range of Himalayas, where you can feel your inner self healing.

On my very first day i saw people sitting in Ojas (the gazebo in Aavishkaar), just like the name one can feel energy, brilliance, positivity in its atmosphere and in the people sitting there. They were talking and making sketches of each other, introducing themselves as they were from different cities and one can clearly see unity in diversity in that. It was the first day of Hamaari Kakshaa workshop and in Sandhya’s session we found how mathematics can be games and fun, making it more experiential. By experiencing these new methodologies I found the kid in me, which got lost years ago. People were questioning without hesitation, expressing their fear of subject and concept of fraction ,waves, atom, light, sound etc. Everyone had a story to tell and a lot to discuss. Playing, thinking and designing together, teaches you the power of group. The energy of participants, their zeal to learn, to question and to not fear while expressing their fears made this workshop amazing.

After the completion of Hamaari Kakshaa new people came for second workshop (Aadhaar Ganit), again same fun with new games, new learning and new people with few more stories and a lot to discuss. Connecting every bit of learning to real life examples. I realized even after studying all these years, there is a lot to learn about addition, subtraction, division , multiplication and many more ways to look at it. A strong desire to unlearn and learn better again popped up in mind. Aadhaar Ganit workshop ended with a Ganit melaa, many students from nearby schools came and played games along with participants of the workshop. Post completion of the workshop we started with our regular work. Fellows went back to their school work and from here my actual journey started because I am also a Aavishkaar fellow and now new life begins…

One day I went to one government school, this was the first time i realized how good it is to play with kids, to get a smile on their face, be their friends, allowing them to study in their own way and not forcing them. This is the first time i went to any government school and had meal there with students and it was really good. Such appreciation, respect and love from teachers, Principal, i actually felt connection with kids when they started asking didi ab dobara kab aaoge?

Nowadays i am learning how to teach by observing other Aavishkaar fellows classes, how to present topics in class, how to handle kids, manage them, what to build in them and that is a great task because children are future and right words, right choices can change the world and that is in our hand so be careful because small kids are just like a wet clay who need to be mold by soft hand to make hard and beautiful pot. Such a big responsibility in teachers hand who shape the worlds future but sadly not many people wants to be teacher , no one remember them or admire their hard work. Everyone know successful person but no one knows a teacher behind them.

Proud to be a teacher because you are making a difference every day.

To be teacher takes courage, determination and lot of patience.

And it is the greatest act of optimism and it gives peace.

And how can I not express myself on a weekend trip while being here in Himachal, I went out on a small trip to a beautiful station of Paprola and from there a mesmerizing journey to Kangra by toy train train. It was a good trip to begin with in first month.

New stories and further journey awaits….

Aanchal Nikhra (Aavishkaar Fellow)

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