Impact bubbles in a Week

During the 3 day workshop for Primary Mathematics teachers, Aadhaar Ganit, in April 2019, I did my fourth teacher training session. It was although the first time that I saw the impact of my work directly. For the session on Number Sense, I researched games, a few of which came from my own experience as a student. The attitude that has now been built in me over my time in Aavishkaar, pushes me to find the best methods to teach any topic. Thus I was able to connect my own experiences with the knowledge present already. The Odd-Eve Hand Cricket game that I used to play in school, was what I connected with the initial number sense and subtilizing. For Fraction, we developed a new hand clap game on the spot. I had thought of representing area, volume, set and length through another activity last year. And these 3 things were used by the teachers who participated, immediately as soon as they went back! I cannot explain the happiness that flooded over me when I saw pictures of the participants using the games in their classrooms in much better ways so quickly. This was the first time I felt like being from a humanities background was in fact NOT making me a mismatch at Aavishkaar!

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