The Aavishkaar Story

The Aavishkaar Story started almost 9 years ago when a family of Science and Math enthusiasts moved to the village of Kandbari, Himachal in the foothills of Himalayas with their 5 year old daughter. They came to live here and their love for education drove them to the nearby government school to volunteer their time. They quickly realized the gaps in learning of the students. They worked on basic literacy and Math for kids in the first 4 years by volunteering at the local school and very soon realized that they would be most effective in working specifically in the area of science and math. They could clearly see the fear of math and science in the children.

The  emphasis is on rote learning in classrooms was apparent to them. They realized that the thinking mind is not engaged, there is no context or relevance – the classrooms are not fun! Aavishkaar was founded in February 2014 to address this particular problem in education system. There are many individuals who have now joined the team to make our common vision of creating a learning space which nurtures curious, creative and critical thinking citizens of tomorrow a reality.

Through this blog we hope that you will join us in this journey and understand our reality, our dreams and our work to create a joyful learning space for all!


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